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VEGABAR 14 is a pressure transmitter for measurement of gauge pressure, absolute pressure or vacuum. Measured products are gases, vapours and liquids.The small pressure transmitter offers maximum reliability. The VEGABAR 14 is an economical solution for a multitude of applications in all areas of industry.

Advantages :

• High plant availability through maximum overload and vacuum resistance of the ceramic measuring cell

• Low-cost version with very small mounting dimensions

• Low costs for maintenance thanks to wear-free ceramic measuring cell

The sensor element is the CERTEC® measuring cell with rugged ceramic diaphragm. The process pressure causes a capacitance change in the measuring cell via the ceramic diaphragm. This change is converted into an appropriate output signal and outputted as measured value.

The heart of the pressure transmitter is the pressure measuring cell that transforms pressure into an electrical signal. This pressure-dependent signal is converted by the integrated electronics into a standardized output signal. Sensor element is the ceramic CERTEC® measuring cell with excellent long-term stability and high overload resistance.

Operating voltage - 8 … 30 V DC

Cable diameter of 5 … 9 mm

Max temperature 100 °C (212 °F) 

Measuring range
-1 - 60 bar
Process temperature
-40 - 100 C
<strong>VEGABAR 17</strong> Range (-1 - 1000 bar)

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