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MWS2 Type Microwave Switch is a level switch consisting of a transmitter and a receiver, both of which are installed face to face each other. The transmitter (MWS2-24TN) transmits microwaves in 24GHz toward the receiver (MWS2-24RN), which, upon receipt of them, provides an output of the contact signals that the tank is empty. When there is an obstruction between the transmitter and the receiver, however, microwaves are reflected and absorbed, thus making the receiver unable to receive them and outputting the contact signals that the tank is full. 

•It may hardly be affected by dirt, fouling, or scale adhesion on the sensing surface.

•A new type of transmitter and receiver of 24GHz being adopted, it is compact and light.

•Wiring and necessary adjustment are easier with a new design on P.C.B.

•It can accurately detect the paper garbage whose detection was impossible by any other detecting methods.

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